[R] about colnames

=?gb2312?B?w8/QwA==?= xmeng at capitalbio.com
Tue Dec 21 10:45:25 CET 2004

Hello sir:
If there's a data frame(with name "df"):
a  b  c d  e   f 
1 10 12 20 30  100
2 3  15 16 40  200

If I wanna change the last 3 colunm names"d" "e" "f" respectively into "x" "y" "z"respectively,the following is what I do:
But no change to the colnames of df.

And if I wanna change all the colnames:
All the colnames have been changed.

So I wanna know the reason,and how to change the last 3 colnames of df.

Thanks a lot!

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