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Robin Hankin r.hankin at soc.soton.ac.uk
Tue Dec 21 10:01:32 CET 2004

Hello everybody


R> a <- 1i+(1:10)

I would like to say

R> Im(a) <- 1:10
R> a
  [1]  1+ 1i  2+ 2i  3+ 3i  4+ 4i  5+ 5i  6+ 6i  7+ 7i  8+ 8i  9+ 9i 

But there does not seem to be a "Im<-" function.

How about this:

"Im<-" <- function(x,value){
   if(is.complex(value)){stop("value must be real")}
   } else {

comments anyone?  can I infer that the above is a bad idea from the
absence of a "Im<-"() function in R?

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