[R] How to display each symbol in a different color using plot withsummary.formula.reverse

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Tue Dec 21 03:54:19 CET 2004

Hi Greg

Try the argument "col" within plot.  Using your example you could try:
s <- summary(n10 ~ n13, method="reverse", test=T)
col <- c("black", "maroon", red")
plot(s, dotsize=1.2, col =col[YourData[,n10]] ,cex.labels=.7, cex.axis=.5, 
cex.main=.5, which="categorical")

I hope that this helps


PS: In the future try to show your data structure and levels in the example, 
it makes it easier for us to understand what you want to do.

>From: "Greg Blevins" <gblevins at mn.rr.com>
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>Subject: [R] How to display each symbol in a different color using plot 
>Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 18:03:30 -0600
>Dear R Masters,
>I have searched high and low (the help archives and my various R reference 
>material and help files) for a solution to what appears to me to be quite a 
>simple problem.  In the following syntax, variable n10 has three levels.  I 
>would like the symbols that appear in the graph for these three levels to 
>be different colors.  The best I have been able to do is to have the Key 
>display three colors, but the symbols in the graph only show up in black 
>and white.  Any suggestions?
>s <- summary(n10 ~ n13, method="reverse", test=T)
>plot(s, dotsize=1.2, cex.labels=.7, cex.axis=.5, cex.main=.5, 
>R version 2.0.1
>Windows XP
>Thank you,
>Greg Blevins
>The Market Solutions Group
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