[R] Producing "Editable" Graphs for PowerPoint

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Dec 20 13:26:09 CET 2004

Paul Hewson wrote:
> Hello,
> (apologies, I'm not entirely sure whether this question is about R or my
> limitations with PowerPoint).   I've submitted a paper (which has been
> accepted) but the journal now require me to submit graphs that are
> "editable in PowerPoint".   I would be grateful for suggestions as to
> how I should do this.
> The best route seems to be to copy-and-paste the figures from the
> windows() device as a metafile.   However, on converting the graphs to
> an editable format and "ungrouping" them, it appears that every line,
> tickmark, dot and dash is treated as a separate entity by PowerPoint
> (for example even the horizontal and vertical parts of "+" are
> separated).   Alternatively, reading in the files from a saved metafile
> is even more problematic: having used par(new = TRUE) I have a set of
> layered graphs and all but the last one dissapear once I open the
> graphic for editing.
> Is this normal for a figure "editable by PowerPoint" or am I doing
> something horribly wrong somewhere?    
> Many thanks
> Paul
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I had hoped that journals engaged in reproducible research by now.

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