[R] Increased execution speed of R2.0.1?

mkondrin@hppi.troitsk.ru mkondrin at hppi.troitsk.ru
Mon Dec 20 15:47:41 CET 2004

I have just upgraded from the R 1.9.1 to the latest version and 
installed a couple of packages. I as a rule import only base package 
with this couple of packages at startup. I was very impressed with the 
speed R2.0.1 does now run (it seems to me I have 50% gain over 1.9.1 
version). My question: is this due to "lazy-loading" mechanism (it looks 
unlikely to me as IMHO lazy-loading conserves memory usage, not cpu 
cycles) or are packages gots byte-compiled during installation (it is 
more likely taking into account binary *.rdx files in R/library/... 
tree). There used to be an alpha verision of byte-compiler for R - is it 
now included into "official" version of R?
Thank you.

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