[R] Can I calculate the area of a polygon?

Andreas Kretschmer,,, kretschmer at kaufbach.delug.de
Sun Dec 19 12:59:17 CET 2004


I'm verry new in R.

My Problem:

I have a PostgreSQL-Server with installed support for the R-Language.
And now I have a table with a Polygon like this:

test_db=# select * from geo where id=1;
 id |             koerper
  1 | ((0,0),(0,2),(2,2),(3,3),(5,0))
(1 row)

Now, I need to know the area of this object. Please, can you tell me, if
it possible to use the installed plr - Language zu calculate the area?

I have some experience to draw diagramms from Postgres via the
R-language, but I'm a absolute novice to use R to solve problems like

Regards, Andreas
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