[R] erro in SVM (packsge "e1071")

jmoreira@fe.up.pt jmoreira at fe.up.pt
Sat Dec 18 17:54:49 CET 2004


I am using SVM under e1071 package for nu-regression with 18 parameters. The 
variables are ordered factors, factors, date or numeric datatypes. I use the 
linear kernel.
It gives the following error that I cannot solve. I tryed debug, browser and 
all that stuff, but no way.
The error is:

Error in get(ctr, mode = "function", envir = parent.frame())(levels(x),  : 
        Orthogonal polynomials cannot be represented accurately enough for 236 
degrees of freedom

I use the nu parameter. However, reading ?svm help it says "parameter needed 
for 'nu-classification' and 'one-classification'". Does not say anything about 
nu-regression. It is an omission in the ?svm help page? Or am I 
notundestanding something?

I believe it has something to do with the calculus of the eigenvalues. Anyway 
how can I overpass this problem? Increasing the training data (is around 900 

Thanks for any help


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