[R] Unsightly lines from x*y grid in levelplot with Postscript

Paul Murrell p.murrell at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Dec 16 20:40:20 CET 2004


Waichler, Scott R wrote:
> When I generate levelplot figures with Postscript, the lines from
> the underlying grid (i.e., the x and y in z ~ x* y)
> show up as faint white lines in the output.  If I have a dense grid,
> the lines wash out the contour colors.  I can avoid the problem if
> I use png instead, but that brings up other problems.  Any
> ideas for how I can get Postscript to not show those lines around
> the cells?

I think it's ghostview (or whatever viewer you're using) that's showing 
the lines (not postscript).  You don't get the lines when you print do 

Try turning off antialiasing.

If you produce PDF, it's possible to just turn off antialiasing for 
"line art", so the text doesn't go chunky.

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