[R] Incorrect permissions to edit database package

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 13:32:08 CET 2004


I am running R 2.0 on Suse Linux 8.2.  I get an error message when
loading a library:

"Incorrect permissions to edit the package database,
/usr/lib/R/library/liblisting.Rda: save.locLib(locLibList, curLib)"

However, when I look at that file, the user I am running R as has r and
w permissions on it....

So firstly - any ideas why I get this error message?  And secondly, does
it matter that I am getting it?  I don't get it if I run R as root
(obviously) but I don't really want to be doing that (obviously)


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