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Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Wed Dec 15 20:07:08 CET 2004

      What's AUC?  If you mean AIC (Akaike Information Criterion), and 
if you fit logistic regression using "glm", the help file says that glm 
returns an object of class "glm", which is a list containing among other 
things an attribute aic.  For example, suppose you fit a model as follows: 

      fit <- glm(y~x, famil=binomial()...)

      Then fit$aic returns the AIC. 

      You may also wish to consider anova and anova.glm. 

      hope this helps.  spencer graves

rrouzier at mdanderson.org wrote:

>Dear R-helper,
>I would like to compare the AUC of two logistic regression models (same 
>population). Is it possible with R ?
>Thank you
>Roman Rouzier
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