[R] MIME decoding in Mozilla Thunderbird

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 15 16:46:30 CET 2004

>>>>> "CG" == CG Pettersson <cg.pettersson at evp.slu.se>
>>>>>     on Wed, 15 Dec 2004 16:43:38 +0100 writes:

    CG> Ok, the time consumption could be a problem, I find it quite okay though.
    CG> My problem is to reach the actual messages.

    CG> If I use the option File/Attechments/Open, the window that opens just 
    CG> contain a list of all headers from the last 24 hours (from which I just 
    CG> choosed one - as I thought)

    CG> If I on the other hand use File/Attechments/Save, I can save the choosen 
    CG> message as an .eml file. Why can´t I open it?

    CG> I realise this question should be on the Thunderbird list, but I have a 
    CG> feeling the coding in the MIME-digests of this list are unusually advanced.

I don't think so.

AFAIK there are thousands of mailman-operated mailing lists out
there, and all of them use the same MIME digestification.

Consequently, I now think that you could pose this question / problem
on the 'mailman-users' mailing list as well and may get other
suggestions. (When you do, please indicate that we use "mailman
2.1.5" which is the latest released version).


    CG> Frank E Harrell Jr wrote:
    >> CG Pettersson wrote:
    >>> Hello all!
    >>> I recently switched mail program to Mozilla Thunderbird, running on W2k.
    >>> Everything works fine, except the MIME-digests from this list. The 
    >>> decoding doesn´t work properly.
    >>> I had contact with Martin Maechler some time ago, and he suggested a 
    >>> try on this list for ideas on how to do the decoding in Windows, even 
    >>> if it´s not a proper R-question.
    >>> Outlook do the proper job on the MIME, but using that is to go a bit 
    >>> far! Or?
    >>> /CG
    >> Thunderbird, which is an otherwise wonderful mail client, does not work 
    >> for r-help digests.  The reason is that if you receive 100 messages in a 
    >> day, Thunderbird inefficiently handles all the mime 'attachments', and 
    >> navigating them all is incredibly slow.  I didn't have the decoding 
    >> problem you mentioned though.

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