[R] Best datatype for time-series with irregular ocurrencies

jmoreira@fe.up.pt jmoreira at fe.up.pt
Wed Dec 15 11:35:44 CET 2004


Does someone has experience working with time-series where the ocurrencies do 
not happen at regular time spaces? In one day I can have 20 ocurrencies and in 
the following day I can have the double. ts datatype must have regular time 
spaces. What is the best way to put the data if I want to use forecasting 
methods as Holt-Winters, NN or SVM? To put data and time in different 
variables? If in one variable it would be of Date datatype?

Thank you for any help.


Joao Mendes Moreira
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

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