[R] sort() leaves row names unaffected

Martin Wegmann debian_list at web.de
Tue Dec 14 12:23:00 CET 2004


I wonder if I ran into a bug. If I do 

summary(df1$X1) -> df1.y

a  b   c   d  e
[1,] 50.74627 8.955224 17.91045 19.40299 2.985075

       a  b   c   d  e
[1,] 2.985075 8.955224 17.91045 19.40299 50.74627

my numbers are sorted but do not anymore correspond to the rownames. 
For me it is counterintuitive that solely the numbers are sorted and not the 
names. Is there a way to sort names + numbers or is this behaviour of sort() 


R 2.0.1-1 debian reposit.

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