[R] Problem with graphic window in LINUX

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Tue Dec 14 00:20:07 CET 2004

Kenneth Cabrera <krcabrer at epm.net.co> writes:

> Hi R users:
> I got a problem when I make graphics in LINUX, the graphic window
> is static, I can resize it, but I can not move it (there is no frame),
> *  what should I configure in LINUX to make them work again?
> * Is it posible to  have a history list of the graphics like in W2K,
> so I  can see them again?
> Thank you for your help
> Kenneth

The first issue is not really Linux per se. It's a weird interaction
between R, X, and the window manager. Happens to me occasionally with
FC3, never did with RH8 on the same hardware. On FC3, you can
right-click the edge and select "move" from the menu, or press Alt-F7
to move windows around if you don't have a top border to grab. Someone
with enough time on his hands needs to look into this with a debugger.

The second issue: Yes, it is a SMOP ("simple matter of programming");
volunteers?  (I suspect that the hardest bit is figuring out how to
attach a menu to the raw-X11 plot window. The display list is there
already and we use it when resizing, etc.)

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