[R] firefox and R 201

Mark Hempelmann neo27 at t-online.de
Sun Dec 12 20:28:00 CET 2004

please help.

why is it that i cannot open html help pages out of the R menu? here is what I do: using browser firefox1.0 (open 
source!), java plugin jre 150 installed, supposedly working properly. opening R201patched, html help, link:search engine 
and keywords: works properly, jre symbol appears. clicking on any link (keywords on that page): no reaction whatsoever. 
what am i doing wrong?

closing and reopening firefox won't help, since the browser then asks me to create a new profile. maybe, firefox and R 
(interacting with java) are conflicting? i couldn't find any help entry, so i am sorry if this problem was addressed 

R forever!
viele grüße
mark hempelmann
universität bielefeld

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