Arguments to a call-- was [R] finding the most frequent row

Berton Gunter gunter.berton at
Fri Dec 10 17:32:03 CET 2004

> Here's something that works. I'm sure there are better solutions (in
> particular the paste part - I couldn't figure out how to avoid typing
> a[i,1], ..., a[i,10]).

This is a language issue that arises frequently. One standard approach is to
use as in:

... result <-"paste",, sep="")

The bit to notice here is that the "args" argument to must be a
list, which is why the conversion to a data.frame (which IS a list) is used.

V&R's S PROGRAMMING book discusses this and many related issues in their
"Computing on the Language" chapter. I find it challenging, but invaluable.

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