[R] US 2004 Elections map

Hedderik van Rijn H.van.Rijn at ai.rug.nl
Thu Dec 9 15:35:50 CET 2004

even for people who didn't like the outcome of the US elections this  
year, it must have been a joy to see all the nice (and not so nice)  
graphs that were shown. As an exercise, I recreated the map shown on  
the NY-Times website [  
20041103_px_ELECT_GRAPHIC.html ]

If you're interested,


contains the created maps, the data and the code. Note that there are  
some differences in the R map and the NYT map (most notably with  
respect to some missing data in some New England states, some  
mismatches in county names, and the representation of NYC), but I was  
quite satisfied with the map as it stands now.

   - Hedderik.

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