[R] what about a mascot ?

Jim Lemon bitwrit at ozemail.com.au
Fri Dec 10 06:20:19 CET 2004

internautem wrote:
> My friend Veslot proposed me the Raven !
> http://www.teteamodeler.com/allopass/images/corbeau.jpg
> As a matter of fact the intelligence of this bird is
> comparable to one of a monkey, although its brain is close to
> a reptile brain. R is quite the same : small, compact, but so
> clever.
This is a rather interesting suggestion, as tool making behavior was recently 
observed in a corvid. Also, the social interaction of many corvids is neither 
solitary nor pack, just interacting when they have a common goal. Somewhat 
like the cooperative behavior of virtual teams on the Internet. Last but not 
least, the raven is a natural for a cartoon character.


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