[R] plot color question

Derek Margetts dm60062003 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 21:58:26 CET 2004

Thanks again Andy and Uwe for you help on my previous
post of ploting lm coef and means.  With your
direction, I was able to expand and generalize the
function to meet my requirements. 

Follow up question: Is it possible to make the points
different colors depending on which quaderant they
fall into?

The data frame contains two variables (x and y)
Quad 1 = x>mean(x) & y>mean(y) would be blue
Quad 2 = x>mean(x) & y<mean(y) would be red
Quad 3 = x<mean(x) & y>mean(y) ....
Quad 4 = x<mean(x) & y<mean(y) ....


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