[R] Excel *.xls files, RODBC

Berton Gunter gunter.berton at gene.com
Mon Dec 6 17:55:55 CET 2004


An additional issue is that worksheet names must conform to ODBC/SQL
standards; so, for example, Excel permits worksheet names with embedded
spaces, but RODBC does not handle them (or at least, I was not able to get
to to do so), as this is not permitted in the standards. 

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>    The following works for me under WinXP Pro to create 
> "myframe" as a 
> data frame:
> library(RODBC)
> z <- odbcConnectExcel("c:/myfolder/mydata.xls")
> myframe <- sqlFetch(z, "Sheet1")
> close(z)
>    Are you indicating the name of the worksheet you want within the 
> *.xls file?  I suspect there could be additional issues on a 
> non-Windows 
> OS that I don't know about.
> hope this helps,
> Chuck Cleland

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