[R] Gam() function in R

Janice Tse wt43 at cornell.edu
Mon Dec 6 06:36:21 CET 2004

Thanks for the email. I will check that out....

However when I was doing this :    gam(y~s(x1)+s(x2,3), family=gaussian,
data=mydata )it gives me  the error :

"Error in terms.formula(formula, data = data) : 
        invalid model formula in ExtractVars"

What does it mean ?


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Unfortunately that's not really an R question.  I recommend that you read up
on the statistical methods underneath.  One that I'd wholeheartedly
recommend is Prof. Harrell's `Regression Modeling Strategies'.

[BTW, there are now two implementations of gam() in R: one in `mgcv', which
is fairly different from that in  `gam'.  I'm guessing you're referring to
the one in `gam', but please remember to state which contributed package
you're using, along with version of R and OS.]


> From: Janice Tse
> Hi all,
> I'm   a new user of R gam() function. I am wondering how do 
> we decide on the
> smooth function to use?
> The general form is gam(y~s(x1,df=i)+s(x2,df=j).......)  , how do we 
> decide on the degree freedom to use for each smoother, and if we shold 
> apply smoother to each attribute?
> Thanks!!
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