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Mon Dec 6 02:51:22 CET 2004

Thanks Peter.

Basically, I am trying to establish the line of  marker allele the progeny
has inherited from either the sire or the dam.  The progeny will share the
sires but each have different dam (ie., daughter design or half-sib model).
The SAS code I have written to identify the lines of inheritance are far
from efficient and effective.  I would think matrix or vector is the way to
go, but I don't know SAS PROC IML well enough to do that nor do I have the
package on my machine.

Example :

Sire        m1    m2    n1    n2
100         1     2     1     2

Progeny     m1    m2    n1    n2
101         3     2     1     1

So the likely sire phase (gamete)  is 2 - 1 (m2 - n1).

I hope it helps.

Thanks again. Stella
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