[R] Protocol for answering basic questions

Ross Clement R.P.Clement at westminster.ac.uk
Sat Dec 4 09:38:02 CET 2004

I'm a recent subscriber to the list. I was very impressed by the 
quality of people subscribing to the list, including the authors
of all the books on R thateither I own or are present in my local
uni library. However, I was astonished by the volume of messages.
I have set up a folder for R messages, route the messages there
automatically, and browse it at times of low panic levels.

Personally, I think this list would be much better served by 
a standard bulletin board. The list could be broken down into 
a number of topics (e.g. Newbie questions, etc. etc.), the messages
would be stored under threads so that people could choose to read
or not read based on the topic. 'Sticky' threads could be left at the
top so that new subscriberts would see them, and people who only want
to follow a very few threads could tick the box for email alerts. Finally,
there could be a search box enabling people to search out past answers
(I know that this is possible now).

An example board is: 





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