[R] multinomial probit

Charlie Sprenger c.sprenger at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 11:09:19 CET 2004

Hello All, 

 I'm trying to run a multinomial probit on a dataset with 28 data
points and five levels (0,1,2,3,4) in the latent choice involving
response variable.

I downloaded the latest mnp package to run the regression. It starts
the calculation and then crashes the rpogram. I wish I could give the
error message but it literally shuts down R without a warning.

I'm using the R that's been ported to OS X. Is it possible that there
are RAM restrictions and that when something computationally heavy
goes through the program is cut off?

As well, is there actually a "probit" method for polr from nnet package?

All help appreciated as masters thesis topics are due soon.

Charlie Sprenger
UCL - student

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