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>> Excellent replies,
>> So a couple of questions about preferences for the mascot:
>> 1. Does the mascot need to have a name that starts with R? Is 
>> that usually the way it works?
>> So far the possibilities put forward are: Ray, Ram, Inch 
>> Worm, Rhinoceros
> R.oo (http://www.maths.lth.se/help/R/R.oo/), ooops Roo, which is
> Australian slang for Kangaroo. http://images.google.com/images?q=roo
> Cheers
> Henrik Bengtsson

(And of course ".oo" suggests the OO aspect of R as well).

But what appeals to me about this suggestion is that it made
me recall "cartoon" drawings I saw many years ago, illustrating
"leptokurtic" and "platykurtic".

The "platykurtic" was a profile drawing of a platypus,
illustrating the flat-topped profile of such a distribution.

The "leptokurtic" showed two kanagaroos in profile, upright,
face-to-face, with tails outstretched on the ground behind them.
The envelope of this drawing illustrated the high peak and the
long tails. (And of course they are good "leppers").

Can anyone remember where this appeared?

Perhaps these would be really appropriate mascots!

(And if we call the kangaroo "R.oo", what shall we call the
platypus? Perhaps our cobbers in Oz can give us a hint.)


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