[R] How about a mascot for R?

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at MedAnalytics.com
Thu Dec 2 18:36:57 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 17:01 +0000, Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> Marc Schwartz wrote:
> > Well...curiously, O'Reilly has selected the Ram for the cover of an as
> > yet unpublished work on R for Bioinformatics:
>   And how come Amazon are selling non-new copies of unpublished books? 
> Is someone selling a review copy?

Good questions Baz. I do not know the answer and according to the single
review post there, it would appear to be behind schedule and possibly at
risk of not being completed.

A Google search yields some information from other sites suggesting that
it was initially targeted for release this past February.

Perhaps someone here or on the BioC list might have more details.

>   Mascot eh? Hmmm. Let's change the name of R to "Rooster", standing for 
> the "R Object Oriented STatistics EnviRonment", and then the mascot 
> would be a cock.

> Or not.

May I just say...Wow...  ;-)


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