[R] A somewhat off the line question to a log normal distribution

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at stud.uni-graz.at
Thu Dec 2 10:18:10 CET 2004


Oh yes I know it isn't so much related to R, but I gather there are a 
lot of statisticians reading the mailing list.

My boss repeatedly tried to explain me the following.

Lets assume you have got daily measurements of a variable in natural 
sciences. It turned out that the aformentioned daily measurements follow 
a log-normal distribution when considered over the course of a year. 
Okay. He also tried to explain me that the monthly means (based on the 
daily measurements) must follow a log-normal distribution too then over 
the course of a year.

I somehow get his explanation.

But I have measurements which are log-normal distributed when evaluated 
on a daily basis over the course of a year  but they are close to a 
Gaussian distribution when considered under the light of monthly means 
over the course of a year.

Is such a latter case feasible. And if not why.

Siegfried Gonzi


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