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Believe it or not, that's a feature, not a bug. The idea is that the factor
COULD take on those levels, even if it doesn't in your particular subset. To
drop them, you would have to re-initialize the factor as such:

a$column2 <- factor(a$column2)

Or, you could just download the Hmisc package, which redefines the subset
operator "[" to behave as you'd like. Personally, I think the default
behavior is clearer, however.

By the way, there are some problems with your code. First of all, you should
drop the quotes around column2--they're unnecessary. Secondly, your subset
is redundant: only one of your factor levels can be numbered 1, so only one
of the levels "factor1" and "factor2" is getting included in the result
(whichever is numbered 1 -- I'm guessing it's "factor1"). Was this your


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I have a data frame wich I subset like :

a <- subset(df,df$"column2" %in% c("factor1","factor2")  & df$"column2"==1)

But when I type levels(a$"column2") I still get the same levels as in df (my
original data frame)

Why is that?
Is it right?


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