[R] Seeking help for outomating regression (over columns) andstoring selected output

Robert W. Baer, Ph.D. rbaer at atsu.edu
Sat Apr 3 15:30:02 CEST 2004

Here's one simplistic solution, perhaps there are better ones:
#  Make some test data and place in dataframe


# Now create the ouput dataframe described

#look at it

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andstoring selected output

> Hello,
> I have spent considerable time trying to figure out that which I am about
to describe.  This included searching Help, consulting my various R books,
and trail and (always) error.  I have been assuming I would need to use a
loop (looping over columns) but perhaps and apply function would do the
trick.  I have unsuccessfully tried both.
> A scaled down version of my situation is as follows:
> I have a dataframe as follows:
> ID       Y      x1          x2          x3           usergroup.
> Y is a continous criterion, x1-x3 continous predictors, and usergroup is
coded a 1, 2 or 3 to indicate user status.
> My end goal is a (dataframe or matrix) with just the regression coef from
each of 12 runs (each x regressed separately on Y for the total sample and
for each usergroup).  I envision output as follows, a three column by four
row dataframe or matrix.
>                          Y and x1;            Y and x2;         Y and x3.
> Total sample:
> usergroup 1:
> usergroup 2:               (Regression Coefs fill the matrix)
> usergroup 3:
> Using 1.8.1
> Windows 2000 and XP
> Help would be most appreciated.
> Greg Blevins, Partner
> The Market Solutions Group
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