[R] [ANN] For those of you that uses syn Text Editor to edit .R files

Stefan Ascher stievie at utanet.at
Fri Nov 28 15:44:02 CET 2003


sorry to bother you, and that this is probably not the right list :-),
but I read that some of you might use syn as Editor
for .R files. I've released an unofficial Version of the syn Text Editor
with improved support for R (I'm the initial developer of this program,
btw.). syn is a Windows 32 Program (Win9x, NT4, 2000), but maybe it runs
also inside Wine, I didn't try it.

Improved means:
- More commands to send source in the Editor to a running Process (e.g.
R), like: * Send Selection, * Send Word under Caret, * Send Line, * Send
Line and jump to next line, * Send all to Cursor, * Send from Cursor to
next Breakpoint
- A Version of Ctags with R Parser and enhanced BibTeX Parser. Note:
Ctags is released under the GPL.
- Support for Sweave files, a combination of LaTeX and S code (BUT syn
isn't a good editor for editing LaTeX file, due to the lack of automatic
linebreak, and a very rudimentary LaTeX Highlighter)
- Highlights about 3300 R Functions of the base Package. To add or
remove functions edit config\rfuncs.txt
- A program to start syn and load a document and wait until this
document has been closed. So you can use syn as Editor for
edit(something). To do so send the line
options(editor='$[Exe-Dir-FwdSlash]/syncli.exe') at start of R.
- Breakpoint Marker Type, to use with Send from Cursor to Breakpoint.
Toggle Breakpoints click on the Gutter.

Homepage: http://web.utanet.at/ascherst/syn.html
Direct download: http://web.utanet.at/ascherst/synsetup- (~5 MB)
Official Homepage (without the improved R features):

syn is Open Source released under the MPL 1.1.

For further questions or something else contact me at
stievie[at]utanet[dot]at. Please send Bugreports for this Version
directly to me, not to the SF project.

BTW. I use R for my Diploma thesis (I study psychology), so it could be
that I'll ask
some questions in the near future (after I read the docs, of course).
But at the moment everything works just fine :-). Thanks for this
wonderful product!

P.S. The Documentation for syn is included in the Setup, but is not
completely up to date, sorry.

Best wishes

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