[R] tcltk - tkcreate question

Thomas Stabla statho3 at web.de
Thu Nov 27 20:11:36 CET 2003


i'm trying to translate following tcltk source code, which I found in
newsgroup comp.lang.tcl, written by Tom Wilkason, into R Code.

proc scrolled_Canvas {base} {
   frame $base.fm -borderwidth 2 -relief sunken

   canvas $base.fm.cv -yscrollcommand "$base.fm.cv_vertscrollbar set"
   scrollbar $base.fm.cv_vertscrollbar -orient vertical \
   -command  "$base.fm.cv yview"
   pack $base.fm.cv -side left -fill both -expand true
   pack $base.fm.cv_vertscrollbar -side right -fill y
   pack $base.fm -side top -fill both -expand true

   set hull [frame $base.fm.cv.hull -borderwidth 2 -relief ridge]

   set wid [winfo width $base.fm]
   $base.fm.cv create window 0 0 -anchor nw -window $hull -width 10 -height 500 -tag window
   bind $base.fm.cv <Configure> "ResizeCanvas %W %w %h"
   return $hull

I have successfully translated the code until the line

   $base.fm.cv create window 0 0 -anchor nw -window $hull -width 10 -height 500 -tag window

which i don't fully understand because i started with tcltk just this

I tried to translate this line using the R function tkcreate, but i didn't
get very far.

Thanks for your help.

Thomas Stabla

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