[R] dvips function gives "Documents not found" error

David Kelly dkelly at alum.mit.edu
Thu Nov 27 19:04:51 CET 2003

This is primarily an FYI to the Hmisc author, though any brilliant 
suggestions from him or anyone else are always welcome.  Re this problem 
reported earlier in this thread:

   getting an error from Hmisc when trying
   that says
   Error in system(cmd, intern = intern, wait = wait | intern,
   show.output.on.console = wait,  :
	C:/Documents not found
   which appears to be a path-parsing problem of "Documents and Settings"

The problem is still present. I've tried every suggestion that was sent 
to me. Most recently, I created a .Renviron which said
and I then ran R (from within emacs/ess).

I verified that TMP had been set correctly as follows:
 > tempdir()
[1] "c:/kellytest/rtemp\\Rtmp5417"

but I still got the C:/Documents not found error.

P.S. I found that a TeX file was created when the command was executed, 
but I could find no evidence of a dvi or ps file.

-- David Kelly

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