[R] problems with R graph.

aurelie.defferrard@bayercropscience.com aurelie.defferrard at bayercropscience.com
Thu Nov 27 16:10:51 CET 2003


I have some problems to generate graph with R...

I am working on two different platform :

- Compaq Alpha Server (Unix True 64 5.1) + R 1.6
- Sparc Server (Sun Solaris 8) + R 1.6

I use different functions like the bitmap function, the legend function and the
barplot function.
The graph are made by the same script on the both platform.

I obtain nice graph on the compaq server but the graph  which is generate on the
sun server has some problems...
I don't understand why the result is not the same because we use the same
library on each platform.
Please look at these images to see what I mean.

(See attached file: histogramme_bad.bmp)(See attached file:

thank you for your help.


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