[R] multiple peaks in data frame

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I don't quite understand your English, but I'll take a stab at answering your question.  If by "date" you mean "data" and by "peaks" "maxima," then

df <- data.frame(V1=c(23, 4, 56, 7, 99, 33))
interval <- 2
if (nrow(df) %% interval == 0) 
tapply(df$V1, rep(1:(nrow(df) / interval), each=interval), max)

might be what you need.

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Hello, it wanted to know how I can extract of a dates frame the values 
peaks according to an interval that I
establish.  For example if dates are: 
1 23
 2 4
 3 56
 4 7
 5 99
 6 33
 extract the date i wanted to divide into intervals of 2 an
d to take alone the numbers 23, 56 and 99 of those 3 intervals.  Thanks 

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