[R] Update to DataLoad on VSN website

Baird, David david.baird at agresearch.co.nz
Wed Nov 26 02:36:03 CET 2003

I would like to announce that my DataLoad utility which can be found at:
has been updated to support R data.frames. DataLoad reads a
large variety of data formats (listed on the web page) and
can convert these to ASCII or XDR data.frames. Only the Windows
and Linux versions are up to date due to the fact that I no longer
has access to a Unix system (the Sparc/Motif version included
in the zip file does not have all the latest features). I'm
currently working with Stefano Iacus on developing a Mac OSX
version. This is not open source software, due to the fact that 
its development has been paid for by the GenStat user community, 
and VSN, the distributor of GenStat, would like to maintain its 
rights to the source. In the spirit of co-operation VSN have 
allowed me to distribute the compiled executable, and those R users
who are not against free gifts are welcome to download it.
I hope this is of use to the R community.

I would like to thank Gabor Grothendieck for many helpful suggestions
that are likely to make the utility more flexible and useful.

I am open to anyone who has troubles or bugs in converting particular
files in one of the supported formats emailing me to work out a

Best wishes,
Dr David Baird, Biometrician  EMail:  David.Baird at AgResearch.CO.NZ
Mail: AgResearch, PO Box 60, Gerald St, Lincoln, NEW ZEALAND
Phone: +64 3 983 3975   Fax: +64 3 983 3946
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