[R] Parameter estimation in nls

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Tue Nov 25 16:43:32 CET 2003

      Since x <- 1:26 and your y's are all positive, your model, 
ignoring the error term, is mathematically isomorphic to the following: 

 > x <- 1:26
 > (fit <- lm(y~x+log(x)))

lm(formula = y ~ x + log(x))

(Intercept)            x       log(x) 
   35802074      -371008     -8222922 

      With reasonable starting values, I would expect "a" to converge to 
roughly exp(35802074), "k" to (-8222922), and "b" to exp(-371008).  With 
values of these magnitudes for "a" and "b", the "nls" optimization is 
highly ill conditioned. 

      What do these numbers represent?  By using "nls" you are assuming 
implicitly the following: 

      y = a*x^k*b^x + e, where the e's are independent normal errors 
with mean 0 and constant variance. 

      Meanwhile, the linear model I fit above assumes a different noise 

      log(y) = log(a) + k*log(x) + x*log(b) + e, where these e's are 
also independent normal, mean 0, constant variance. 

      If you have no preference for one noise model over the other, I 
suggest you use the linear model I estimated, declare victory and worry 
about something else.  If you insist on estimating the multiplicative 
model, you should start by dividing y by some number like 1e6 or 1e7 and 
consider reparameterizing the problem if that is not adequate.  Have you 
consulted a good book on nonlinear regression?  The two references cited 
in "?nls" are both excellent: 

       Bates, D.M. and Watts, D.G. (1988) _Nonlinear Regression Analysis
     and Its Applications_, Wiley

     Bates, D. M. and Chambers, J. M. (1992) _Nonlinear models._
     Chapter 10 of _Statistical Models in S_ eds J. M. Chambers and T.
     J. Hastie, Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

hope this helps.  spencer graves

Dr Andrew Wilson wrote:

>I am trying to fit a rank-frequency distribution with 3 unknowns (a, b
>and k) to a set of data.
>This is my data set:
>y <- c(37047647,27083970,23944887,22536157,20133224,
>and this is the fit I'm trying to do:
>nlsfit <- nls(y ~ a * x^k * b^x, start=list(a=5,k=1,b=3))
>(It's a Yule distribution.)
>However, I keep getting:
>"Error in nls(y ~ a * x^k * b^x, start = list(a = 5, k = 1, b = 3)) : 
>singular gradient"
>I guess this has something to do with the parameter start values.
>I was wondering, is there a fully automated way of estimating parameters
>which doesn't need start values close to the final estimates?  I know
>other programs do it, so is it possible in R?
>Andrew Wilson
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