[R] what does this mean in R-1.8.1 release notes?

Simon Fear Simon.Fear at synequanon.com
Fri Nov 21 14:31:28 CET 2003

median() has never worked for even-length factors but
the error message was rather unclear (complained about
sum not working for factors). But it did give an "answer"
of sorts for odd-length factors.

Now it doesn't work for either, which is a Good Thing, since
there is no obvious extension of the idea of numeric median
to factors. If you insist you can use


but you should think very carefully what this
actually means. Perhaps it has some kind of meaning
for ordered factors, but mostly you'd be better off looking
at a table().

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> what does this mean in R-1.8.1 release notes?
>      o	median() no longer `works' for odd-length 
> factor variables.
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