[R] Who can provide me RWeb installation

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 21 07:11:02 CET 2003

On 11/21/03 11:00, WeiQiang.Li at seagate.com wrote:
>      RWeb web site is down past couple days, I am insterested in this
>project and want to try it for my projects. Deos anyone have this
>installation and user guide? Thanks!

I've put it in

This version has a small error.  In 
Rweb.JavaScript.html, and I think in a couple of other files,
there are lines like this:
<IMG SRC="RwebLogo.GIF ALT="Great Rweb Logo">
which should be
<IMG SRC="RwebLogo.GIF" ALT="Great Rweb Logo">
Maybe some browsers will deal with this error, but Mozilla
won't, and the image doesn't show up.

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