[R] Compile Packages under Windows and CHM

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Nov 20 15:38:20 CET 2003

Arend P. van der Veen wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been developing a small package.  It install under RedHat Linux
> 9.0 without a problem.  However, I have a small problem under Windows
> XP.  I am using R-1.8.0 on both systems and HTML Help Workshop
> 4.74.8702.0 on Windows XP.  I created the package under Linux.
> When I try to install the package created under Linux in Windows XP
> using

Most easy solution is to copy hhc.exe (from HTML Help Workshop) in your 
Windows directory (it must be in your path, at least).
Also, have you edited the MkRules so that it points to the right 
location of the HTML Help Workshop?

Uwe Ligges

> c:\rtest> rcmd install rtest
> I get the following error:
> ########
>       Formats: chm
> hhc: not found
> cp: cannot stat `C:/R-Packages/rtest/chm/rtest.chm': No such file or
> directory
> make[1]: *** [chm-rtest] Error 1
> make: *** [pkg-rtest] Error 2
> *** Installation of rtest failed ***
> ########
> A file with a hhc extension is usually the contents file.  However, the
> HTML help project that is automatically created uses toc as the
> extension of the content file.  If I load the project file using HTML
> Help Workshop I am able to compile it and create a HTML Help File.
> Has anybody else had this problem.
> Thanks,
> Arend van der Veen
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