[R] How to adjust the Intercept correctly when using ols() and validate().

Wolfgang_Lederer@mckinsey.com Wolfgang_Lederer at mckinsey.com
Thu Nov 20 15:26:29 CET 2003


Dear R-Help-List,

i am using the ols() function to fit a model and use the validate()
function to obtain the shrinking constant for the slope. But how can i get
the correct shrinking constant for the Intercept? If i use the provided
constant to adjust the intercept, i get a serious Bias.

the code i use looks like this:

f  <- ols(formula , data = data, y=T, x=T)
fv <- validate(f)
ShrinkingGamma <- fv["Slope","index.corrected"]
f$coefficients[2:(length(f$coefficients)-1)] <-
f$coefficients[2:(length(f$coefficients)-1)] * ShrinkingGamma
f$coefficients[1] <- (1-ShrinkingGamma) * mean(data[,1]) +
f$coefficients[1] * (ShrinkingGamma)
predict(f, newdata = data)

Thanks for your help


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