[R] nls, nlrq, and box-cox transformation

Johannes Ludsteck johannes.ludsteck at wiwi.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Nov 20 15:02:24 CET 2003

Dear r-help members
I posted this message already yesterday, but don't know whether it
reached you since I joined the group only yesterday.
I would like to estimate the boxcox transformed model
 (y^t - 1)/t ~ b0 + b1 * x.
Unfortunately, R returns with an error message when I try to 
perform this with the call
nls( I((y^t - 1)/t) ~ I(b0 + b1*x),
	start = c(t=1,b0=0,b1=0), data = mydataframe)

The error message is:  Object "t" not found

Apparently R seems not to accept parameters on the left hand
side of a regression model. I know that my do-it-yourself
strategy is not necessary, since the package box-cox is 
available. Unfortunately, I want the use the box-cox 
transformation in a quantile regression, i.e. I have to replace 
nls by nlrq in the call above.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and best regards,
	Johannes Ludsteck
Johannes Ludsteck
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