[R] Find value in vector (or matrix)

Barry Rowlingson B.Rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu Nov 20 13:50:10 CET 2003

Pascal A. Niklaus wrote:

>    y <- c("a","b","c")
>    if("a" in y)
>    {
>          # "a" is not in y
>    }

  You are 98% of the way there. The missing two percent is this:

  if("a" %in% y) {

  you could also use the 'any' function:


> Also, is there a way to generate character sequences similar to numeric 
> sequences, e.g. something like "A":"J" ? I remember having seen a 
> command doing this somewhere, but can't find it anymore

  R defines two vectors, "letters" and "LETTERS" which have the 26 lower 
and upper-case letters of the English alphabet. Subset from them to get 
what you want.


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