[R] Difference in ANOVA results - R vs. JMP/Minitab

Nirmal Govind nirmalg at psu.edu
Thu Nov 20 09:20:53 CET 2003

Thanks for your reply, Prof. Ripley.

> And all of that is explained in the reference on the aov help page.
> Please do stop speculating and start reading.

Well, the reason for speculation was cos I couldn't find any details on 
that help page... thanks for letting me know that the reference explains 

> AoV has nothing to do with coefficients.  There is dummy.coef to get
> uncoded coefficients, and there is options(contrasts=) to set the coding.

Ok, I will try these...

> Yes, you should read a lot more.  Chapter 6 of Venables & Ripley (2002) 
> and chapter 5 of Chambers & Hastie (1991) would be a good start.

Oh, I most definitely should! :-) .. I guess I was hoping that such 
details would be included in the help page for the function or mentioned 
in some R introduction or tutorial or so on the Documentation page.. 
looks like that's not the case so I'll get a hold of the books above...


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