[R] file not found?

Ray Brownrigg ray at mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Thu Nov 20 03:42:39 CET 2003

Thomas W Blackwell <tblackw at umich.edu> wrote:

> I recall a message on the [r-pkgs] list from Ray Brownrigg
> on November 1 this year that may be relevant.  At that time
> he was announcing the availability of  maps_2.0-8.zip  and
> some other packages.
> Therefore,  2.0-10 must be *very* recent and might still be
> going through the CRAN propagation process.  (I don't know
> anything about whther it is or not.)  I would wait a couple
> of days and try again, if I were you.
Well, actually, 2.0-10 in source form is on CRAN since last week, but
for some reason only in the 1.7/ directory in the Windows area.  I just
this morning noticed this and sent a message to the Windows CRAN

In the meantime, 2.0-11 has been uploaded, probably to appear in a few
days (no noticeable changes).

Ray Brownrigg

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