[R] Difference in ANOVA results - R vs. JMP/Minitab

Nirmal Govind nirmalg at psu.edu
Wed Nov 19 13:36:27 CET 2003


I ran a small data set from a factorial experiment through R, Minitab 
and JMP... the result from R is significantly different from what 
Minitab or JMP give... The data set is at the following link:


The first 5 columns are the factors and the next three are responses.
In particular, for the response beta11MSE, two of the significant 
effects in the Minitab (and JMP) ANOVA table are not significant in R... 
  What may be the cause for such a difference? I used the lm function in 
R to do the model fitting and fit a model with main effects and 2-way 
interactions in the 5 factors. The design that generated this data was a 
32-run 2^5 full factorial.


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