[R] package compilation

Joerg Schaber Joerg.Schaber at uv.es
Tue Nov 18 11:32:58 CET 2003


I recently wrote a new R package, which I could 'R CMD check' and 'R CMD 
build' nicely on my Intel Linux PC. Loading the new library as a normal 
user on my PC also works nicely.
This packages includes some compiled C-code in a shared library. 
However, before submitting the package to CRAN I wanted to install it 
also under an other platform in order to check if everything works 
 fine. Obviously, in order to install it under another platform I have 
to recompile the shared lib. So I added a /src directory in the library 
containing the C source code and than run a 'R CMD build'. However, 
running 'R CMD INSTALL'  on the resulting tar.gz archive does not 
recompile the source code on the new machine. But installing other 
packages having a /src directory the source code is recompiled.
So what do I have to do that running a 'R CMD install' on my *tar.gz 
file recompiles de source code and creates a platform dependend shared lib?


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