[R] Generalized linear model

Marcos Sanches marcos_sanches at gallup.com
Mon Nov 17 15:27:47 CET 2003

	Hi all!

 I am fitting a Poisson model, using the following command:

> fit2<-glm(canc~id1+year1+time+lnpa,family=poisson)

 where 'id1', 'year1' and 'time' are factors. I defined them with:

> id1<-C(factor(id1), treatment)

 and 'lnpa' is a continuous variable.

The 'summary' function gives me all the effects estimates, that is, for id1,
I end up with estimates for id12, id13 and id14, the id11 is the reference
level. That is fine, but when I try to fit the model without the point 18,
using the command line:

> fit2<-glm(canc~id1+year1+time+lnpa,family=poisson, subset(dat, order!=18))

The 'summary' function stop to giving me the levels effect, and gives only
one effect for id1, one for year1, one for time and one for lnpa. I want to
have the parameters estimates for each level of each factor, as it was in
the first fit. Also, I noticed the degree of freedom of deviance and the
deviance itself has increased, so I cont't compare both models in terms of
their deviance.

 What should I do to have each factor level effect as I had in the first



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