[R] A suggestion regarding multiple replies

Mulholland, Tom Tom.Mulholland at health.wa.gov.au
Mon Nov 17 10:04:21 CET 2003

As with most of the replies so far, I enjoy the way the list works.

A couple of observations however are that it is evident that off list
replies already happen and imho more importantly is the fact that
initially quite straightforward queries can turn into something much
more interesting. I find this type of query to be among the most
helpful. Partly because they tend to deal with issues that I think I
have already got covered. An example of this was the use of asp=1 in a
plot to keep the aspect ratio correct. One might argue that having to go
to plot.default to find this reference rather than in plot was the
problem, but what it did to me was to ensure that I follow through
deeper and deeper into the workings of R. There are times when it is
only after you have found the answer that you realise why the answer had
to be where it was (as with plot.default) and that's when the real
learning begins.

I use the list as a way of exploring different aspects of R (often those
that I have no direct need of at the time.)

Tom Mulholland
Senior Policy Officer
WA Country Health Service
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Please don't take this the wrong way. There are a lot of extremely
people who subscribe to r-help. 

I was wondering if it is time to adopt a strategy a-la Splus help
people reply to the author and the author summarizes all the replies?

Just a thought and have a good weekend.

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