[R] DOE support in R and fac.design

Nirmal Govind nirmalg at psu.edu
Sun Nov 16 23:17:29 CET 2003


I've searched through the contributed packages and found conf.design 
which supports factorial design generation - is there any way to specify 
the values of the levels in the functions in this library? Currently the 
default for 2 level designs are the levels 0 and 1. Reason I ask is I'd 
like to create a Central Composite design and to do this by appending to 
a factorial design, it would be easiest if the levels of the factorial 
were at -1 and 1... (so I can add levels such as 0, -2 and 2)

This brings me to my second question - is there any support for design 
creation of some of the common designs like the CCD?

And finally - in the help for conf.design, in the "See Also" section, 
there's a fac.design mentioned but I can't seem to find it anywhere.. is 
this function available and what does it do?

I would appreciate it if you could please cc me on the reply.


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