[R] cross-classified random factors in lme without blocking

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sat Nov 15 19:14:21 CET 2003

George Box presented a beautiful plot that showed a high correlation 
between stork sightings and the number of human babies born year by year 
for several years in Oldenberg (Germany, I think).  I believe it appears 
early in Box, Hunter and Hunter (1978) Statistics for Experimenters 
(Wiley), but I don't have the book in my hand, so I can't confirm that 
or give a page reference. 

hope this helps.  spencer graves

Gordon Smyth wrote:

> Many thanks for help from Peter Dalgaard, Douglas Bates and Bill 
> Venables. As a result of their help, here is a working example of 
> using lme to fit an additive random effects model. The model here is 
> effectively y~a+b with a and b random:
> y <- rnorm(12)
> a <- gl(4,1,12)
> b <- gl(3,4,12)
> u <- gl(1,1,12)
> library(nlme)
> fm <- 
> lme(y~1,random=list(u=pdBlocked(list(pdIdent(~a-1),pdIdent(~b-1)))))
> summary(fm)
> I still can't see though how to extract the three variance components 
> (for a and b and for the residual) from the fitted object 'fm'.
> Thanks
> Gordon
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